Simplest way for clinical history.

Enable your patients to report a comprehensive clinical history in the simplest way possible.

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Our Products

Arintra IPD and Pre-OPD assessment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platform for pre-consultation comprehensive clinical history collection. Arintra enables anyone to collect MBBS-grade comprehensive patient clinical history.

Arintra API

For healthcare software companies we provide a robust API enabling your software to generate detailed clinical history from your user's input.

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Our Technology

1. Your Patients

Details for timely triage and effective diagnosis is available with the patients. It is extremely important to collect the right information in a structured way.

2. Arintra Medical AI

Arintra's AI models built with large medical datasets generate probing questions to take a comprehensive clinical history of the patients.

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3. Comprehensive Clinical History

The comprehensive clinical history report is delivered to you through a printed report, our web app or in a standardized JSON format for integration with your existing software.

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